The Philosophy of Swami Dayananda Saraswati


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The book brings an exposition of the Philosophical views of Dayananda. It deals with, among other things, a highly illuminating and enilightening knowledge of the concept of the God in the Vedas; sets at rest the pseudo-conflict among six systems of Vedic Philosophy a shown by some thinkers. Besides, the book presents a masterly exposition of Vedic realism, which contains spiritalism-sole remedy to sufferings of mankind and confrontation-ridden modern civilisatin. The book critically examines Dayanada’s conhis advocacy of immortaity of soul, his freedom in action but depen on God for its fruits thus making and moulding his own desting and having no scope for determinism and fatalism deep rootecd in different religious concepts and philosophies.
Swami Dayananda had unflnching faith in the blending of science and philosophy. He very firmly that science and philosophy are separable aspects of one truth. For Dayananda the world is a reality and not a phantasm as Sankara had advocated. This finds a masterly exposition in this book.
The book also deals with Dayanand’s Social, Yoga, Political, Psychological and Ethical views are based upon the Vedas.

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Wangkhem Pishak Singh

About the Author

Dr. Wangkhem Pishak Singh born in 1957 at Phubaia (Bishnupur District), obtained his master's degree in Philosophy in 1980 from Meerut University and Ph.D. Degree in Philosophy from Manipur University. Presently he is a lecturer (S.S.) in Philosophy in Narmbol L. Sanoi College Nambol, He has specialised in Swami Dayanada's Philosophy. Dr. Singh is also a life-member of Indian Philosophy Congress. He has contributed articles in many reputed journals.


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