Perspectives on Iran-Iraq Conflict




Iran-Iraq Conflict needs a thorough study of its genesis, motivations, logistics and its wide-ranging impact on the part of the Super-Powers and the other nations playing significant role in the contemporary World Order. Barring newspapers, magazines and a few journals in which the present conflict has figured continuously for the last 45 months, there is hardly any study which has presented comprehensive analysis of this long-drawn war. The present volume is an attempt to fill up this gap and for the first time an over all assessment of the causes and the effects of the Gulf War is presented. The contributors to the volume are the established and promising scholars who have continuously studied the Gulf politics.

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R.C. Sharma (ed.)

About the Author

Professor R. C. Sharma (Ph. D. Edinburgh) is one of the senior geographers of India who has specialized in Geopolitical studies with a particular focus on the Gulf region. He has several published books and articles to his credit and is known internationally for his objective critical analysis of the various geopolitical problems confronting the present World Order. Presently, he is on the faculty of the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.


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