Morphosyntax of Manipuri Verb


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The book is about Manipuri verbs. It focuses on the verbal structure and tries to classify Manipuri verbs on semantic level. It also encompasses the verbal affixes on derivative and inflectional level. The book explores some areas which no linguist has ever worked. The area of Manipuri verbs has been incomplete as the earlier works focused on monosyllabic verbal roots. This area has been filled up by this book with the discovering of many verbal roots which are disyllabic and polysyllabic. It also includes the larger construction of Manipuri verbs which are formed by the combination of a noun and verb. Further, it also brings out the verbal compound forms as well as complex verbs. The number of larger constructions excelled the monosyllabic types. The book has also explored reduplicative verbs which displays a unique feature of Manipuri verbs. The book also deals with verbal affixes without which the study of verbs is incomplete. Grammaticalized affixes have been discovered for the first time in Manipuri.

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About the Authors

Dr. B. Premabati Devi is currently working as Language Officer in the Directorate of Language Planning and Implementation, Government of the Manipur, she was engaged as Linguist in various DIT Project namely, Indo-WordNet, Shallow Parser Tools of Indian Languages (SPT-IL) and Indian Languages Corpora Initiative (ILCI). Beside these, she was in North Eastern Indian Languages Development (NEILDS) for studying Morphosyntatic Analysis of Paite and Zou. In addition, she was in Manipuri Dialect Survey of Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore. Experiences she got from these projects renders a great help in her present post in the Directorate.