Korea, India and Third World




The Republics of Korea and India hold unique position in the Contemporary World Order and symbolise development efforts within their national territorial limits as well as beyond within the Third World realm. The present book places pertinent focus on the developments which have taken place within the Republic of Korea as well as the growing cultural and economic ties between India and the Republic of Korea. Technologically, both the countries have emerged significant partners in bringing development change in the Third World and have initiated many project works as edifice to the process of modernisation and industrial development, specially in the Asian and African continent. It takes into account the impact of trained manpower in building up bridges of development and friendship among the developing nations. The book highlights the success story of the korean as well as Indian efforts in the realm of scientific and technological cooperation in the Third World an possible strengthening of the economies of these countries. Significant contributions in this book are being made by Korean and Indian scholars and it is perhaps for the first time a focus such as this is being developed.

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R.C. Sharma (ed.)

About the Author

Professor R.C. Sharma is presently on the faculty of the School of International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and has authored several books in the field of resource management, urbanisation, ocean politics, and developmental issues. He has travelled widely and is associated with many organisations and international bodies like International Geographical Union, specially with its Commission on Marine Geography and International Association of Monogolists. He is on the editorial board of the international journal 'Mongol Studies.'
Professor Sharma by training a geographer actively engaged in the field of Geopolitics and Geopolicy, human resource development specially in the realm of International Tourism and development and Geopolitics of Peace and Confict resolution.


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