Human Rights in Myanmar



The present book is a modest attempt to examine human rights situation in Myanmar. While exmining the situation and evaluating, it is also constantly kept in mind that discussion are confined to those norms which Myanmar had accepted to be a party. The present book briefly traces the politico-historical background of Burma and it also examines that how strong is the demand for self-determination. Regarding civil and political rights emphasis is given on, the freedom of movement, equality before the law, the rights to a fair trial and presumption of innocence, freedom of thought, conscience and freedom of association; participation in public affairs and elections and protection of minority rights, prohibition of arbitrary deprivation of life, torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishemnt, slavery and forces labour, arbitrary arrest or detention and arbitrary interference with privacy war propaganda and advocacy or racial or religious hated and political imprisonment. The book also examines various problematic dimensions relating to women and children particularly; forces labour and child soldier and also it discussed about miniority rights and International reaction on the issue of Human Rights in Myanmar.
Contents include; Introduction, Civil and Political Rights, Rights of Women and Children, Minority Rights, International reaction and Conclusion.

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Dr. Brajananda Rajkumar

About the Author

Brajananda Rajkumar M.A. (Pol. Sc.) and Ph.D. teaches International Politics and Indian Government and Politics in the Department of Political Science, Liberal College, affiliated to Manipur University as a senior Assistant Professor. He has published several articles in news paper and magazines besides contributing chapter in Decentralization and Rural development in North-East India. In the last one decade, he has been attending and participating in many National Seminars, Workshops and Conferences as paper presenter, discussant and organiser. His area of interest is Human rights/ International relation/ Myanmar/South-East Asia.


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