Growing Focus on Antarctica




“Growing Focus on Antarctica” places a comprehensive focus on the scientific and geopolitical developments in the case of the icy continent and fabulously rich Southern Ocean, engirdling Antarctica. Papers including in the present volume distinctly concerns themselves on the man-nature-resource development syndrome in the context of growing scientific international collaboration as well as the power rivalry, both at the regional and international levels. First half of the book primarily deals with the scientific aspects of the exploration from geology to geophysics and from meteorology to living resources, whereas the second half deals with questions related to regional to international concern as well as issues emerged out of the Antarctica Treaty 1959 and the growing demand to declare Antarctica as ‘The Common Heritage of Mankind’.
The book concern itself like ‘the penguins are watching’ with the set of serious questions like ecology and development, growing food scarcity and potentials in the Southern Ocean, scarcity of power resources and hydro-carbons potentials from Antarctica the South and North converging tensions and the question of reliable and appropriate technology to harvest riches of the icy continent and the Southern Ocean throbbing with living resources. Above all, it places a pertinent focus of ‘the global commons lobby’ whether the continent should remain only ‘the continent f science’ or the science and resource, both.

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R.C. Sharma (ed.)

About the Author

R.C. Sharma, Ph.D. (Edinburgh) is on the faculty of the School of Interntional Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, as Professor of Geography. He is one of the senior geographer of India who has contributed on the geopolitical aspects of issues confronting the Third World. His field of specialisation is in the realm of Political, Settlement, Population and Resource geography and issues pertaining to Regional development. He has focussed primarily on the Indian Ocean and Antarctica, the South Asia and the Gulf region. He has brought out several books and articles published in Indian and foreign journals and the books are : Oceanography for Geographers, 1962 and 4th edition 1984; Settlement Geography of Indian Desert, 1972; Resource Mangement in Drylands, 1983; Perspectives on Iran-Iraq Conflict, 1984; Structure of Settlement Geography, 1986, 1986; South Asia – A Case for an Urbanised Village, 1986. Professor Sharma has widely travelled and was the visiting professor at the University of Sasketchewan and York University, Canada. He is a member of International Geographical Union and an active member of IGU Working Group on Resource Management in Drylands and IGU Commission on Environment Problems and Management and IGU Commission on the Coastal environment etc.


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