Bachelor of Basic Mathematical Statistics



This book is designed for use to meet the requirements of the students of Mathematical Statistics at Degree, Honours and Post Graduate levels. It provides comprehensive and exhaustive theoretical discussion. All basic concepts have been explained in an easy and understandable manner with simple illustration. So much Text book has been an essential part of the mathematical background which are use in mathematicians, engineering and other scientists. It gives the importance and wide applications of the subject matter. It aims to present an introduction to mathematical Statistics which will be found helpful to all readers regardless of their field of specialization. Here in this book gives fundamental discussion starting from the very introduction of that chapter with simple basic definations and theorem. All the basic definitions and theorem gives are simple and easy language with appropriate examples in a systematic way. More material has been included than can be covered in most first courses. This has been done to make the book more feasible, to provide a useful book of reference and to stimulate further interest in the subject. Although there is a large number of books available covering various aspect in the field of mathematical statistics, there is no comprehensive book dealing with the various topics on mathematical statistics for the students. The present book is a modest though determined bid to meet the requirement of the students of mathematical Statistics but also carry the student on to such a level can read with profit the numerous special monographs which are available in the subject. In any branch of mathematics, it is certainly the teacher who holds the key to successful learning. The aim of this book has been simply to assist the teacher in conveying to the students more effectively a thorough understanding of mathematical statistics.

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Dr. Praphullo Kumam & Dr. Kh. Kumarchand Singh

About the Author

Dr. Praphullo Kumam
Dr. Praphullo Kumam obtained his M.Sc. Statistics degree from Meerut University, Meerut, U.P. and Ph.D. Degree from Manipur Central University. Presently he is a Associate Professor in T.M. College, Oinam.
He has specialized in construction of design in Statistics. He published many research paper in the leading national and international Journals. He also already published two text book viz (I)A text book and reference book for M.Sc. and Ph.D. Student of Statistics and Agricultural statistics entitled “Characterization and construction of universally optimal neighbour design” (ii) Fundamentals of Linear Algebra for M.Sc. Students of Statistics. His forthcoming text book is Bachelor of Basic Mathematical Statistics.
Dr. Praphullo Kumam completed two minor research project sponsored by UGC, NERO, Guwahati and major research project sponsored by UGC, New Delhi successfully going on. And applied one more major research project sponsored by CSSR (Council of Social Science Research), New Delhi.
Dr. Praphullo Kumam is life fellow of the both Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, New Delhi and Indian Science Congress (Mathematical and Mathematical Sciences), Calcutta. He attended many National and International conferences and seminar with workshop and contributed many paper at such conferences. He was also a doctoral fellow of UGC, NERO under FIP, U.G.C. Guwahati.

Dr. Kh. Kumarchand Singh
Dr. Kh. Kumarchand Singh obtained his graduation from NEHU, Shillong, Master’s degree in Statistics from Indoor, M.P. and Ph.D. in Statistics (Design of Experiment) from the same University Indoor. Presently, he is an Associate Prof. and H.O.D. of Statistics, Dept. of Statistics, Manipur Central University, Manipur. He has specialized in Construction of design of experiment of Statistics. He has published many leading National and International research papers. His forthcoming book is design of experiment and its analysis.
Dr. Kh. Kumarchand Singh is a life Fellow of both Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics and Indian Science Congress, Calcutta (Statistical & Mathematical section). He is the members of Senate Manipur University and other decision making bodies.


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