Commerce Education in North East India



Commerce Education is that area of education, which develops skills, attitudes and knowledge in students as are essential for the successful direction of business, trade, profession and services. Commerce education has become multi dimentional over the past decades and several key areas have emerged under its roof of education, which had add more and more challenging tasks in the years to come.

Globalisation of commerce education in the state of North East Region can never be denied. But globalisation can not be thought of these region until and unless the prevailling education system is improved to that level. The scanning of the system shows that a large number of aliments are being suffered by the prevailling systems such as defective syllabus, defective method of teaching, lack of co-ordination between business education and business houses, University– Industry linkage, ignorence of the guardian about the scope of the stream, lack of sufficient infrastructural facilities, absence of reservation of post the graduate of the stream, absence of sufficient text books in the regions language problems etc. So proper treatment must be provided to curve such chronic diseases in order to make it fit its resources and the student would find the book useful as it spells out the emerging area of the study.


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